I got to take my first picture when I was 10 years old, thanks to my mother, who was a painter and a strong artistic influence on me as a child.
Since then I’ve continued to pursue images of all types whether its motion pictures for TV commercials and documentaries or grabbing my Nikons to capture Nantucket’s natural beauty.
About half of the work displayed on this site was photographed with Nikons and Fuji Velvia film, but in recent years I have gone all digital both in my still work as well as commercials and documentaries and in my humble opinion it is definitely the way to work.

Currently the tools I use for my still work are a Nikon D2X and a Nikon D3. Lenses range from a 17mm up to 1000mm. All the digital image processing is done with Adobe tools ranging from Lightroom to Photoshop. Printing is done with an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 and a variety of different papers depending on the image and the clients requests.


Limited Edition prints are available. Sizes vary upon your requests as each print is custom printed, numbered and signed. Prints are supplied with a backing material and matte. Contact me for more details. Your order can billed through PayPal on either your PayPal account or with your credit card. Turn around time is roughly 10 days depending on my work load.
General sizes:
Small print is roughly 8” x 10” and costs $150.00
Medium print is roughly 11” x 14” and costs $225.00
Large print is roughly 23” x 30+” and costs $350.00
(Extra Large prints, up to 48” x 120+” are custom ordered and priced based on it’s size, no matting is available for these extra large sizes, just the print.)

Contact Info: dan@september.com (508) 228-8703

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